FDMSAA 2017 Masters Basketball Tournament

Always happening!  Always good!  Come on down to the Jungle and support your favorite player or Team.

Strong in the faith

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July 12 is officially known as “Father Duenas Day”. Enacted by Governor Carlos G. Camacho, Government Proclamation 70-24, 


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Schedule – 2017 Masters BBall

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CALLING ALL BOWLERS… FD 2018 Bowling League starting in January

The sports committee is exploring an FD bowling league in January 2018. Games would be played on Wednesday evenings starting at 6:00/6:30. It would be a short league of from 6-8 weeks depending on the number of teams. You need a minimum of five bowlers to show each...

Masters Basketball Playoffs – Day 2

Inarajan defeated 84/85 by the score of 77-32. D. Castro and Ben Meno led Inarajan with 22 and 15 points each.  Paul Sanchez led 84 with 21 points; Mark Evangelista and Pat Diaz chipped in 8 and 6 points respectively in the loss.  Inarajan advances to the next round....

Masters Basketball Playoffs – Day 1

02/04 defeated 86/87/92 by the score of 76-37 Ricky Hernandez and Shaun Perez led 02/04 with 20 points each. Roy Abril led '92 with 10 points.    Masters Manhoben defeated 96/97 by the score of 50-47. M. Strong led the Manhoben with 15 points. Eddie Pelkey led 96/97...

Lights, Camera, Auction!  – THANK YOU!

Thank you to all that came out and supported!  Of course, a huge thank you to the FD Endowment Board for their hard work and planning leading to up this great event.   Big congratulations goes out to the Class of 1984 (pictured below) for winning the class incentive....

Masters Basketball – Day 10 Highlights

2003 vs. Sanchez Sanchez defeated 2003 77-49. Patrick Carlos led Sanchez with 13 points. Tom Hernandez pitched in 14 for 2003. 98/00 vs. 2005 05 defeated 98/00 59-58. Neil "Bato" Espino led 05 with 21 points. Bernard Viloria led 98/00 with...